2009 Corvette Z06


We had another private track rental and I wasn’t done with the small changes I’m making to the C7Z, the ZL1 doesn’t have anything at all done to it, but the C6Z at least has some tires on it so why the hell not.  It’s a good excuse to at least bang some gears after all of these years even though the car is probably slower than stock since I’ve just added weight to it and have way too much tire on it for a totally stock motor, etc.  The factory clutch wasn’t happy either with me trying to launch it at 5500 rpms so I toned it down and stopped doing burnouts on the drag radials to get some slip there instead of having the clutch slip LMAO.  The best pass was a whopping 11.7 @ 123 mph in 4600 ft density altitude so it wasn’t terrible but wasn’t good either.  Just waiting for the rest of the goodies to show up!


Been a while since I’ve made any updates but I’ve been plugging away on things while I’m waiting for the engine, trans, etc to show up.  I’ve got all of the suspension done, 8.50 cert cage is pretty much done, chute is mounted, seats are in, and the drag wing is fitted but will be pulled back off for powder coat.


First entry for this one, this is going to be the new “race car” as the Camaro is currently for sale.  I picked this up a couple months back and it’s time to do an up to date modern LS build.  The Camaro is super fun but I built that car 12 years ago and it’s time to raise the bar a bit.   I’ve already started knocking the checklist down and have started on the suspension parts and have been working on it when I get the chance which isn’t very often.  I’ve started off with DA Viking coilovers all around, rear drag spindles, rear mono ball control arms, smaller rear C6 base brakes, adj drag sway bar, adj endlinks, and ARP studs.  The wheels and tires are on order and should hopefully be here in a couple of weeks and the 8.5 cert cage is also on the way.  I figure I’ll start there and keep going…

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