2009 G8 GXP



After moving some of my old site over to wordpress I realized I hadn’t updated anything in this section so here is just a bunch of new/old stuff.

Here is an old video of me racing a buddy in his 2013 Shelby GT500.  For those of you who don’t know about those cars they routinely put down nearly 600 rwhp stock so we were all surprised when the GXP held it’s own against it.  The GXP makes around 575 rwhp and weighs a bit more so I fully expected to get walked but it was a lot closer than we all expected.

We sold the wife’s G8 GT and I sold the TT GTO when I bought the new Z06 so the GXP is now hers which means I probably won’t be racing it much nor doing anything else to it.  I may take it out to the track to see what it would run at some point but I don’t have any drag tires for it and taking it out there without those would be worthless.



I had been on the hunt for a GXP for a while now but I was really just looking for a stock one that hasn’t been messed with. I really only had two big mods planned for this car since it was going to be replacing my Civic as my daily driver, exhaust and a TVS 2300. Well I found one in Montana so I flew up there to grab it and drove it home 17 1/2 hours straight through. The best part is that this one had those two items installed just a couple thousand miles before and it only had ~19k miles on it. Once I got it home I started planning on a few other small mods just to make it mine so I added some VMR wheels and Tein lowering springs along with some HIDs. I really don’t plan on racing the car much as this is my daily and I have two other vehicles that are much better at it than this would but it’s still a ton of fun. Below are just two pictures that I took on the drive home from Montana. This post and the start of this section is pretty late as I actually picked this car up in July 2013.



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