2009 Corvette Z06


A group of us went out to TX2K24 and entered into the street car class. I was trying to stay out of the fastest street car class because I’ve got nothing for some of those guys. I really wanted to stay off the bubble and stick around a 7.80 or something like that but it ended up running a bit quicker on this pass which put me in the fastest class. Good thing a couple more 6 second cars showed up on the last day and bumped me into the 2nd class. There is only a few more psi left in it with these little 6870s and I can leave a bit harder with more RPM and a more aggressive ramp to get that 60′ down a bit more. Of course in the eliminations I turned it up a bit and it was on a rip when the charge pipe blew off somehow, it would have been a low 7.6x pass too based on the 60′ and 330’… oh well.


I took the car out to Street Car Takeover on December 2nd and it was a short event with not much racing, never have I seen so many cars have problems and oil down the track. The temperatures were getting pretty low and the crew were fighting the track the whole time to keep it safe and prepped but there were like 3 oil downs in a row and they had to call the event at the end of the night. Once the temp dropped down too far and it got too close to the dewpoint there was just no way to keep it going. I made a single qualifying pass on medium boost and went on the street cruise and skipped the 2nd qualifying pass since you just needed one and it placed me in the top class anyways. I ended up running an 8.0 @ 174 hitting a safety right before the traps, the safety was my fault and it was good to go for the finals but never got there. I was running around 22 psi of boost and had it turned up to around 26 for the next runs that never happened.


I finally had a chance to get the car back out after I installed the MoTeC on it and needed to get some baseline runs on it. I just ran it on wastegate and wanted to see how my transbrake settings, launch settings, etc are all going to play out. I was pretty happy with the results, it’s certainly not a new best as I’m just on low boost but I got a ton of data and made sure everything was working properly. Next time out I’m going to start to lean on it a bit and dial in the ramp…


Well well, the Motec finally showed up for this thing! Once the car ran a 7 with the stock ECM I didn’t have much motivation to keep going and risking things without having more control over various systems and not having the safeties that an aftermarket computer provides so it kind of sat until a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it took over a year to get the Motec as they had some serious chip shortages. I’ve starting installing everything and wiring things up and it’s had it’s first start up! Everything looks to be going well and hopefully I will have it out at a rental coming up here to test things out. I’m not expecting it to really be much faster but it should be a lot safer.


It’s been a LONG time since I updated anything mainly because I haven’t had time to do much with the car and what little time I had has been spent making little tweaks here and there.  However I got it back out to the track this past weekend at another rental and it finally delivered with a 7 second pass!  I ended up having to take some spring out of the wastegate and put in a controller that I could use to ramp boost to take the edge off of this thing on the launch and that definitely helped.  The factory ECM is definitely a limitation and working around it to manage power makes things that much more difficult.  Then add in that I’m stubborn and wanted to do it with full interior and full exhaust out the back with nothing sticking out of the hood or dumping out of a fender and it really becomes a chore to deal with.  Well, it was all worth it!


I haven’t been making any updates to this page as I’ve been in the middle of changing around the combo.  The F1X made great power but I kept fighting belt issues and it was taking the fun out of it so I decided to go twin turbo.  It also reminds me of why I chose to not go turbo from the beginning as I’ve had to clearance literally everything around the turbos to even get them in place and move wiring around to protect it.  Once I fitted everything on the hot side it was ready for cold side piping to be made so I brought it down to Cordes Performance Racing to have them finish it up and get it up and running and keep my sanity in the process.  Well it finally made noise this week and we got it on the dyno and out to a track rental!  I’m just running it on wastegate for right now because I just want to run a 7 on the stock ECM and not waste money on a boost controller or anything like that since I will go standalone after that and everything will be included.  Needless to say I’m extremely happy considering this is as slow as it will go and it will only go up from here.  I had no idea what RPM to even start at to launch the car so I just picked 3000 rpms and should have gone way higher!  After that first pass I found a hot side exhaust leak and it kept getting worse so I figured before I torch a mating surface I better just pack it in and bring it out next time.  Here are some videos and pics so far.


A few weeks ago we had a private track rental down at Tucson Dragway and it was really the first time I had to play with the car and make some adjustments.  First pass in the video was done on 7 cylinders! Long story but a coil pack wasn’t getting power at all, fixed the issue but go figure with more power I just spun the rest of the day. Need to tighten up the converter a bit from the looks of it but I’ll take an 8.49 on 7 cylinders and 169 mph on all 8 spinning through 1st gear any day of the week.  Super happy with it’s first real outing for test and tune.


So finished up the car late the night before Street Car Takeover and loaded it on the trailer and brought it down to Tucson for the event.  Got one pass just to feel it out since I hadn’t even had a chance to drive it and had no idea what was going to happen.  Just left easy and rolled into it and it delivered with an 8 second pass on it’s first ever journey with the new combo and I didn’t even try!  The belt was unfortunately rubbing a bit on the water pump so instead of breaking a belt and wrapping it up on something I made the one pass and that was it.  We are going to have to switch back to the electric water pump and hope that the front snout will stay sealed now with loctite vs the factory teflon tape.


I am backdating this section a bit to keep track of when things were done even though I’m just getting around to updating the site for the next few sections.  Things are progressing well with the build, CPR has got a lot of this stuff knocked out and we are trying to get it ready for it’s maiden voyage at Street Car Takeover on Feb 16th in a week.  Here are some more build pictures in progress!


We had another private track rental and I wasn’t done with the small changes I’m making to the C7Z, the ZL1 doesn’t have anything at all done to it, but the C6Z at least has some tires on it so why the hell not.  It’s a good excuse to at least bang some gears after all of these years even though the car is probably slower than stock since I’ve just added weight to it and have way too much tire on it for a totally stock motor.  The factory clutch wasn’t happy either with me trying to launch it at 5500 rpms so I toned it down and stopped doing burnouts to get some slip there instead of having the clutch slip LMAO.  The best pass was a whopping 11.7 @ 123 mph in 4600 ft density altitude so not terrible but not good either.  Just waiting for the rest of the goodies to show up!


Been a while since I’ve made any updates but I’ve been plugging away on things while I’m waiting for the engine, trans, etc to show up.  I’ve got all of the suspension done, 8.50 cert cage is pretty much done, chute is mounted, seats are in, and the drag wing is fitted but will be pulled back off for powder coat.


First entry for this one, this is going to be the new “race car” as the Camaro is currently for sale.  I picked this up a couple months back and it’s time to do an up to date modern LS build.  The Camaro is super fun but I built that car 12 years ago and it’s time to raise the bar a bit.   I’ve already started knocking the checklist down and have started on the suspension parts and have been working on it when I get the chance which isn’t very often.  I’ve started off with DA Viking coilovers all around, rear drag spindles, rear mono ball control arms, smaller rear C6 base brakes, adj drag sway bar, adj endlinks, and ARP studs.  The wheels and tires are on order and should hopefully be here in a couple of weeks and the 8.5 cert cage is also on the way.  I figure I’ll start there and keep going…

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