2016 dodge viper


Another half mile event and finally got the wife out there to make a few passes. She made huge improvements with every pass and actually had fun with it! Since she had never really raced anything before it was a learning experience and the original tires certainly didn’t help as first gear was worthless and it even started to spin at the top of 2nd gear. The car is still basically stock with just a few things done same as before but I think the next mod will be tires!


Headed out to the Gila Bend half mile to see what this thing is capable of as a baseline before I really dig in and do some big mods. I did tune the car, pull the cats, and mix in some good gas just because our 91 oct is terrible but otherwise it’s pretty much stock. It went faster than I expected especially since I’m shifting into 5th right before the traps at the end.


I decided to see what the Viper is all about so I picked up a 2016 Viper GT. With 8.4 liters of engine it’s hard not to make horsepower and the raw nature of this car is visceral to say the least. With the limited production numbers they are certainly rare and unique and completely irrational in almost every metric but so awesome to drive. Eventually it’s going to get a set of twins and a sequential that should make it right at home in the half mile and just general fun on the street.

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