2019 Corvette Zr1


I finally had a chance to update the site with the C7 Z06 replacement!  Drove out to Georgia to pick this up and drive it back home earlier this month.  After tuning the last ZR1 I just had to have one and it took a lot of re-arranging of vehicles and a couple months of planning but it all worked out.  As for future plans it will more than likely just be simple bolt ons at first and the great part about this car is that ends up making around 800 rwhp or so on good gas, so about 60 more than the Z06 did with more mods.  At some point I’m sure it will end up with a cam to push those numbers higher but for now a couple of friends of mine and I went out to do a photoshoot with it being 100% stock.  Thanks to Jimmy Casey and Jim Boomer!

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